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Vodafone’s 9GB Free 4G data Offer; Here’s all that you need to know

Are you a Vodafone Prepaid or Postpaid User with newly bought 4G Handset but unfortunately a SINGLE SIM Smartphone?

Your pain must be that, you are not able to go for FREE JIO SIM and Enjoy Free Data

Just Relax… Vodafone has resolved the Issue at least for 3 Months… with Lots of Data…

Yes, Vodafone is offering 9 GB Data FREE for all its Prepaid as well as Postpaid Users who are holding NEW 4G Handset.

How to grab this Offer and activate the pack on your 4G Handset?

 Now, Firstly Download the My Vodafone India App (if required)

Note:-(This has got nothing to with this offer, but My Vodafone App is another amazing app which is very useful for Vodafone Users, so I strongly recommend for you to download the App and use it regularly.

Open the app and go to the Options —–>9GB free – SmartOffers —–> Open Google Chrome Browser (My Choice, you can select any suitable browser) —–> Type your number and ask for OTP through SMS —–> Type 4 Digit OTP from SMS Received in Next Window —-> Check whether your handset is eligible for the Offer —–> If yes, Click for Go For the Offer and Check the My Vodafone App after Few Minutes (15 to 30 Min) and you will see 9 GBs are added (Please see the relevant screenshots given below)

Vodafone Inda 9GB Free Data Offer

Vodafone 9GB Offer through My Vodafone App

Important Tips:

  • If you are Prepaid User, Then Recharge with at least 1GB 28 Days Pack and If you are Post Paid User, Ensure you are activate on at least 1 GB 4G / 3G Plan.

For PostPaid Users

  •  If your Bill Cycle is soon to expire say in 1 week, please do the procedure once your fresh bill cycle starts, as Vodafone shall refresh the Cycle and you won’t get the carry forward of remaining data balance of 9 G.

I have tried the 9GB Offer for a Postpaid User with 750 MB Pack, and I am successful in getting the offer.Ensure your Handset is newly bought after 27th September 2016 till December 31, 2016 (Both Days Inclusive)

  • Send SMS MY PLAN (2 different words both CAPITAL) to 199 number and ensure the 9 GB Offer is activated.

Vodafone 9GB Extra Data

  • Additionally,You should also send SMS DATA BAL ((2 different words both CAPITAL) to 199 number and re-ensure the Offer is activated.

Vodafone 9GB Offer activation SMSKeep checking the data usage on ‘My Vodafone App’ at regular Intervals.

Vodafone 9GB Offer on App

Now, Again for Vodafone to take care of the fact that Vodafone should keep checking the Device on which the offer is activated should be the device that the user is continuously using all across the Month.

As its a Loophole, Customers can very much swap the SIM CARD temporarily in a New 4G Handset and activate the offer and once the offer is activated, customer can put the SIM in his own Handset.

If the Handset temporarily used for grabbing this Offer is regularly used for Vodafone Service only then Vodafone has Tracking for the Activation and one Handset can be used only once.

Vodafone 9GB Free Offer activation error

BUT, If the Eligible Handset User is  using say Airtel Service, Then very much he can offer his handset temporarily to the Vodafone User to get this Offer activated

Is this point bit confusing?

Let me explain with an example :

Say Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy are friends whereby Mr. Laurel has Latest Bought 4G Handset but Mr. Hardy is using Old Non 4G (3G Handset)

Scene 1:

Mr. Laurel and Mr. Hardy BOTH are Vodafone Users

Then, Mr. Laurel will use his own handset for his own Vodafone Number as he will enjoy 9GB free for 3 Months (That’s 9 GB per month and he will keep getting the benefit for total 3 Bill Cycles so total 27 GBs extra in 3 months)


Mr. Hardy can’t use Mr. Laurel’s Handset as Mr. Laurel has already used his own handset for his own Vodafone Number

 Scene 2:

Here, Mr. Laurel is Airtel User and Mr. Hardy is Vodafone User

Now, Mr. Hardy can request Mr. Laurel’s Brand New 4G Handset for temporarily activating 9GB Extra Data Offer and once the offer is activated, he can return Mr. Laurel’s Handset to him and keep enjoying his old 3G Handset with the 9GB Free Offer

Yes, It works, So Vodafone should be Careful in Such Cases

I have checked that once the offer 9 GB Offer is activated, though the Plan Name is “ Extra_Data_4G_9GB ” , Still it will work even if customer keeps even “ 2G Only ” OR “ 3G Only ” Data Mode.

Vodafone 9GB Offer on 2G mode

Also, Customers can keep using the pack anytime in Day or Night.

My Suggestions to Vodafone:

If Vodafone wants to retain the Customers, they should change the offer.

Giving 9 GBs per month and 3 such bill cycles is good BUT, if its 3GBs extra free data per month and 9 such bill cycles are given, you will be able to retain more customers.

Dear Vodafone, Try and Understand, That Maximum Sensible Users will be more happy to have additional 3GB Free Data and 9 such bill cycles is “ Happy Moment ” to Keep Enjoying Vodafone for long 9 months.

Remember, Airtel is offering 3GB Free for 12 Months for such new 4G Handset Users

I appeal the customers that if you are eligible, do go for the offer and also spread the good word to all.

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Siddhesh Gokhale
Siddhesh Gokhale
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