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How to register for E-Bill and Auto-Debit in Jio?

Reliance Jio has disrupted the Indian Telecom industry by offering affordable 4G Voice and Data to all Indians. Most of us are prepaid customers of Jio, but still there are some who require a postpaid connection. Jio has made it mandatory for postpaid subscribers to opt for E-Bill and Auto-Debit facility to make sure that the payments are recovered from subscribers smoothly and hassle free. Your payment towards your postpaid bill will get auto-debited from your bank account and you need not worry about the Due Dates etc.

How to Register for E-Bill?

To register for E-Bill, Login to your Jio account with Email/Jio number either through their website or Mobile App and go to Profile Settings to update your email address. If you have already provided your email address, kindly ignore this step.Jio E-Bill

Now, come to home to page and click on the Settings icon and under Bill Preferences enter your email address on which Jio will send your E-bill. Also, do not forget to select Bill Mode as Email.Jio ebill registration

How to register your Jio number for Auto-Debit facility?

To register for Auto-Debit, you need to visit nearest Jio Center and they will help you fill a Form/Slip for Auto-Debiting for bank account. Do not forget to carry a cancelled Cheque along with you.

Note: You need to visit Jio Center (JC) and not Jio Store for registering for Auto-Debit facility.

[Update: It has been found that many times Jio does not Auto-Debit your bank account and hence its better to pay your Bills through Credit/Debit cards or any other available option to make payments towards your Jio Bill. If you pay your Jio Bills on time, Jio will not Auto-Debit your bank account.]

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the registration process via comments here and we will be happy to answer those. Also, feel free to post your queries on our community forum so that your queries get answered quite quickly by our community members.

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