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How to trace your Loved Ones in Case of Emergency with the help of Android Smartphone

It is a saying that, the need or the necessity is the mother of all inventions…

Here is my reason to search for the Location Sharing Facility, my parents are senior citizens and I needed an App to trace their most accurate Location for their safety and security and also to reach to them quickly if they need me at any given time…!!

Also, there can be an event that, your children are going for a picnic and you are worried for their safety and need to know their location of visit or your staff is on field who’s timely delivery of output is crucial for you…

Or say, you are going for a foreign business or leisure trip and you and your spouse need to be in continuous touch and wanted to keep each other posted about your locations for safety reasons.

In such cases, GPS Pin Pointed and Accurate Location Sharing Technique can help you a lot to know people’s accurate Location

VERY IMPORTANT FOR WOMEN SAFETY : This facility is much helpful and should be setup without fail if you have a young daughter or sister (or any woman for that matter) who travels late night from office to home and you care  for her safety and security.You can track location of your near and dear ones on real time basis…

The reasons can be numerous but all reasons need a solution of Location Sharing with TRUST of Safety of Information.

There must be various Apps available on Play Store BUT I wanted to have some TRUSTED APP which will never compromise on Privacy and Security of my Smartphone and will not stole my private data through any backdoor channels.

Now, here I haven’t invented anything 😉 just that searched the available options in technology world to find suitable solution and EUREKA J

Our Global Friend “Google” has the solution in combination of Two of its APPs… namely Google + (Plus) and Google Maps

Many Techno Savvy People must already be using this facility BUT I am making an attempt to give a simplified Step by Step Procedure to enable you to do the needful if you need to have your loved ones in touch with their location traced and known to you for their safety concerns

Here You Go…!!

Step 1 :

Open your App Store and Download 2 Apps :

  • Google + (Plus)
  • Google Maps

Google Location sharing App Download

Majority of the people must already be having these Apps, so they just need to ensure that they should keep both these Apps always Updated with the latest Update.

Step 2 :

Open the Google Maps App and Click on the Settings button in the Options ——> Google Location Settings ——>

Google location sharing


In the Google Location Settings, Kindly keep the Location Service “ On ” with High Accuracy Mode Enabled.

Gogle location sharing


On the same page, at the bottom of the screen, Please locate the “Google Location History” Option, Kindly click it and Keep the Option “On” Always.

Google Maps

Google Map Location settings

Step 3 :

Open the Google + App and Search for your Relative or Friends Name and Follow Him / Her and Also Add him to a Circle like Family or Friends Circle.


You can search them with their Gmail ID and remember,Every Such User MUST HAVE a Valid and Active Gmail Account and Google + Account and Both the Persons should Follow each Other and Add each other to their one of the Circles.

Google plus Circle

Now Once the Addition of People to Follow List and Circles is over,

Please Click on the Home Screen Left Hand Top Corner Settings —–> Go to “Locations” Option

Google location sharing

In the “Locations” Options, Go to Right Hand Top Corner Settings —-> Location Settings Option

Google location share

Google Maps locations

Google location share

Always Go For Pinpoint Location Option as knowing just the City Location wouldn’t necessarily serve the purpose.Hence, Click on the Change Button in Pinpoint Location Option and Choose the People with whom you want to share your Location

IMPORTANT : As already explained above, firstly you should Follow the person with whom you want to share your Location, thus Follow Him / Her if you haven’t followed him before

Once you choose the audience, Click Done

Google location share


Once the Revised Settings are Saved, Its DONE

Location is successfully shared with your Loved Ones.

If you share your Location, Your Family Member of Friend can view it in his Google Plus App Location Settings.

So, you have to repeat the whole activity in his / her Smartphone for Mutually Knowing each other’s Location

VERY VERY IMPORTANT : Keep Your Smartphone’s 3 things “On” Always

  •  Your Internet :

 Stay Connected to the Internet via WiFi or Mobile Data as otherwise, without Internet Connection, you will not be able to report your latest Location to your Near and Dear Ones

  • GPS Settings
  • Google Location History Settings (Already Explained Above)

Google location share


Thus, specifically for Senior Citizens who are not so Techno Savvy, Please Train Them to make Data On whenever they move out of WiFi Zone and Also ask them to NEVER TOUCH GPS Button

Few People always argue that GPS Button eats up mobile Battery Heavily and so continuous charging reduces battery life…

So, Always Remember… A New battery (or for that matter a new Smartphone if the battery is not replaceable) is NEVER going to more important than your Near and Dear ones SAFETY AND SECURITY

Thus, Make Use of this Wonderful Location Sharing Facility and Keep Always in Touch with Your Loved Ones and STAY WORRY FREE

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Siddhesh Gokhale
Siddhesh Gokhale
Siddhesh is a Chartered Accountant by Profession and has special interests in tracking latest developments in Indian Telecom Sector. He loves to write on Telecom related stuff and Personal Finance.


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