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E2E Networks emerging as best alternative to DigitalOcean and Amazon AWS

If your website is receiving it’s majority of traffic from India, it is likely that you will opt for server located in India in order to reduce the latency and other such issues. But considering the cost of bandwidth, government taxes etc and in comparison with server costs internationally, many website owners prefer servers from US. As a result, latency increases and hence website takes longer time to load in India.

In order to iron-out the difficulties that website owners face, E2E Networks has launched VPS and Dedicated servers which are at least 40% cheaper than market rates. Website owners who receives traffic mainly from India and cannot afford to pay huge server and  bandwidth costs to Data centers, Solutions offered by E2E Networks will reduce their costs to a great extent.

Even after providing cost effective unmanaged high specs servers ,  their support is also much prompt and fast. As these are unmanaged servers, one should not expect to get managed support included in it. If one wants E2E to manage their servers as well , one needs to pay for their managed support.

However, for unmanaged raw servers E2E seems to be much better than it’s competitors in the market.

Taking into consideration the current dollar-INR rates, latency issues and many such other factors, hosting data on Indian servers is quite economical now-a-days. Their SSD VPS plans seems to be designed in order to compete with companies like Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean in terms of hardware specifications, pricing, technology and virtualization etc.

For Example their 1 GB SSD Vps comes at just Rs. 261 per month while the same at DigitalOcean  costs USD 10 i.e approximately Rs. 650 per month. Amazon’s EC2 costs at least USD 14 per month. It will be interesting to see how competitors respond to this pricing model and whether in long run such a business idea will turn into a good profitable business or not.


e2e cloud b series servers

Digital Ocean VPS Plans:

DigitalOcean Plans

Considering the prices at which E2E Networks is providing VPS  with excellent and prompt support, they might emerge as one of the best cloud ssd server or ssd vps providers in India in the years to come.

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Vineet Suratran
Vineet Suratran
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