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Hitachi plans to make India its export hub

Japanese multinational conglomerate Hitachi seems to be very keen on making India its export hub.Hitachi sees India as its key strategic market and plans to make this country it’s export hub. The Japanese company is looking for various businesses for expansion in India which  includes IT, Healthcare, Transportation, Water, as well as Oil and Gas.

In an interview to  BusinessLine, Managing Director Kojin Nakakita spoke about company’s growth strategy and seems to be much interested in investing in India if doing business in India is less complicated.

India is emerging as most strategic market for major companies all around the world. But  when companies look deeper into the system,  they shy away to offer big commitments due to stringent tax regimes and laws. Thus, it becomes difficult for MNCs to commit in country like India.Also, the government policies changes from one government to another, causing fear for these firms to Invest and run huge business here.

Recently, the company has started manufacturing facilities in Chennai in the automotive space. The  Japanese firm  has set up its base in Gujarat, Chennai, and Neemrana (Rajasthan) to explore business opportunities in areas of water treatment etc.In future, the firm aims to provide new services to sustain the advancement of financial services in India, which includes settlement services for banking institutions, ATM operation services etc. These services would be provided mainly through Hitachi Payment Services. In addition to this, the company is also very keen in investing in Rail Infrastructure development and Rail systems business as a whole.

Hitachi has also shown it’s interest in the Modi government’s ambitious project of creating and developing 100 smart cities in India.

As many big companies are seeing India as a most strategic market,  programs like Make in India would really  help transform India into a global manufacturing hub.

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Vineet Suratran
Vineet Suratran
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