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Google Domains now available in India

Google Domains IndiaGoogle Domains, a Domain registration service by Google has now been officially launched in India. Earlier, Google Domains was only available for citizens of United States and then later countries like United Kingdom, Canada and now India are considered as Legal countries from where its citizens or organizations can register or transfer domain names.

A Domain Name is the foundation of your online business and maintaining its security should be your highest priority. No matter whether you are hobby blogger or a Large Business Group, your domain name is your online identity and maintaining its security is very crucial.

Indian market is very crucial for companies like Google and services like Domain registration have a huge market here especially when there are  Government initiatives like ‘Digital India’  which mainly focuses on development of Digital Infrastructure in the country.

With the launch of Google Domains in India, Google will charge Indian customers be it Individuals or Businesses in Indian currency i.e INR. Hence, Dollar-INR rate fluctuations and FCY charges on International transactions does not come into picture.  However, GST will be applicable on Domain registration services provided by Google to its Indian customers.

Google Domains charges in INR

Indian Companies trust and rely on Google for various of its infrastructure and services offerings and hence, in my opinion Indian ICANN accredited Domain Registrars need to worry as Google will grab a large share of their domestic market.

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Vineet Suratran
Vineet Suratran
Vineet Suratran is Founder and Editor-In-Chief at venturedawn.com. He is an Electronics & Telecommunications Engineer by profession and blogger by passion.


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