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Lalit Kumar’s blogging journey under difficult circumstances

We come across many people who blame destiny every now-and-then for all the bad that happens in their lives, but there are few who challenge destiny and fight with it in all possible ways they can and achieve their desired goals overcoming all the hurdles in their path. Despite all the difficulties they face, these people find their own ways to achieve their desired goals and hence create their own destines. All such people are an inspiration in true sense for the society. Lalit Kumar, a professional tech blogger, born and brought up in a village of Delhi is, one such example.

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Belonging to a lower middle class family, Lalit’s family faced various difficulties in his fight against Polio. He got paralyzed waist-below due to polio at the age of four. Like any other middle class students, he studied in local Hindi medium municipal school. Right from his childhood, his thrust for knowledge made him fight against polio and destiny.

Lalit studied life science in Delhi University and graduated with a first class B.Sc. degree. By the time he completed graduation his  skeletal structure was badly deformed due to polio. He underwent five polio corrective surgeries to correct skeletal deformities. In these surgeries he lost about 3 years right after graduation. A big question mark loomed on his career.

Despite all this, he studied software engineering at NIIT while remaining on bed during the surgeries. After surgeries, he joined a private company as computer programmer. Worked there for some time and one fine day got selected to become a United Nations National Volunteer as IT Specialist.

During his tenure at the United Nations, he completed a masters degree in Information Technology. Later, he joined the UN as permanent employee.

He has deep interest in Indian literature and hence started Kavita Kosh, a voluntarism based website in 2006. According to Lalit, it has now become the largest online library of Indian literature.

His thrust for knowledge and his sincere efforts made him win a full scholarship from the Government of Scotland to study Bioinformatics in Edinburgh. He resigned from the UN and went to UK for studies. In 2007, he received MSc Bioinformatics with distinction from Scotland.

During his stay in the United Kingdom, he worked with the Human Genetics Unit of the Medical Research Council on a European Union project for one and half years. He was awarded scholarship from Government of Canada to pursue a PhD. But unfortunately, he had to drop PhD as symptoms of post-polio-syndrom (PPS) began to appear. PPS causes further weakening of muscles and inexplicable fatigue made walking with crutches very difficult.

He returned to India and selected blogging as a new career option as it allowed him to work from home and at his own terms. He was always interested in tech writing and found tech blogging a natural extension of that interest.

He founded TechWelkin in 2011 and now it has close to one million readers per month. Lalit says, his tech blog is his major source of revenue and has helped him earn a livelihood so as to take care of his medical expenses and also live a good life.

His deep interest in literature, and especially Hindi literature motivated him to start few not-for-profit projects like Gadya Kosh. He still leads teams of volunteers to maintain and further develop Kavita Kosh and Gadya Kosh projects. These projects also have about 2 million readers per month and he devotes a significant amount of time to these social and non-commercial projects.

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